Meet the Quilt Cats

All of my cats and dogs are rescue animals. They rule my life, my husband's life, and, most importantly, the sewing room!

My best buddy, Sinbad. He always insists on testing out all of my new fabrics for comfort before I wash, iron, and store them. This stash got top marks!

Anything for me at the fabric shop this week?

Sinnie doing what he does best.

Sinbad found my stash of rat tail string and chose the gold piece as his personal toy. He spent many, many hours playing with that string. He wound it around objects in the floor (table legs, ironing board legs, MY legs) and adjusted the length - using knots that I tied in it - to find the right length to chase without quite being able to catch it. His sisters finally chewed his toy into several lengths, and the turquoise that I replaced it with just isn't the same.

Maxie (tuxedo) and Tessie (spotted tabby) chilling out together.

Sinbad and Maxie trying out my in- and out-boxes. I thought I would use the boxes for my cut fabrics and my completed blocks, but...I guess not.

 Sinbad in the in-box, Tessie (spotted tabby) and Callie (striped tabby) trying out some wall hangings for comfort.
 What do you mean, this is supposed to be a work table?

Sometimes Callie just has to take whatever bed is left. If she can't fit into one of the trays, she'll just spill over onto a fabric pile. 

Kitty TV, compliments of the bird feeder.

Beautiful Tessie, making sure she remains lovely.

Apparently, Maxie wanted to get to the other side of my fabric tower, and there was a barely perceptible gap between the top of the last row of fabrics and the bottom of the upper shelf. JUST enough for a medium sized kitten.  

And here she is! Of course now I've bought enough fabric to fill that gap and she has to go around the long way. Shoot!
Sinbad found my stash of batting scraps on the top of one of my fabric towers. It doesn't get much more comfortable than this.
And he dragged some of the batting down to share with his sister, Tessie. Isn't he a gentleman?



  1. The cats in the boxes cracked me up. That looks familiar :) It reminds me of a poem called, Cats Sleep Anywhere.

    1. I'm not familiar with that poem. Now I'm curious. I'll have to look it up on the Internet!

    2. I found the poem, and you're right. That EXACTLY describes my cats!


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