Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Spring!

Well, spring is officially here, although you can't tell it yet by the temperatures **shiver**. We're in for below normal temps for our retreat next week. Yuck! Oh well, we are making quilts, aren't we? We'll just huddle under our creations. I hope to have some photos of THAT in the next post. :P In the meantime, here's an appropriate "huddle" photo for inspiration - Tessie making good use of my batting a few years back.

I've been seeing a lot of these little critters around my yard lately, although the grass underneath them isn't nearly this green yet.


I can't wait until my guild's namesake - the dogwoods - start blooming! I do love those white and pink trees. Mom has a beautiful specimen in her front yard.

Sigh. Come on warm weather!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Retreat projects

With retreat coming up next week, I've been trying to decide which of my MANY UFOs to take with me to work on. So far I've selected three.
I'm working on the last three applique blocks for this BOM from Sager Creek. I've been sidetracked lately by the pineapple quilt blocks that I've been making, but I really would like to get this project finished. Once I finish the applique blocks, I only need to sew up the borders, then I'll have the quilt top finished. So this is the first project.


My second choice is the pineapple quilt itself. I really LOVE making these blocks. With the trim tool, the block is super easy and fun to make. I have 38 finished so far, but I haven't sewn any together yet. I'm holding myself back. I know that once I sew together the first two blocks, I won't stop until I have all of the finished blocks sewn together. And then I run the risk of getting bored. So, I'll just keep making blocks!

My third project choice is my chocolate quilt. I have actually gotten quite a bit done on this quilt recently, but I got sidetracked by the applique quilt (see Project 1 above). So many sidetracks that I think I've lost track of the main rail. So what's that bright light at the end of this current tunnel? the sun or the train?
Of course, we're still a week away, so I have plenty of time to add three (or a dozen) more projects to my list. I wonder how far I'll get on any of them?
Almost time to head home. I picked up my lunch bag this morning, but put it back down in order to carry out the trash. When I came back, I forgot to grab my lunch when I went out the door to head to work. So what does that mean? Well, I image that Maxie got into the Styrofoam carrier of rice and that I will find rice and white Styrofoam bits scattered from here all the way over to there. Sinbad undoubtedly found the banana nut bread that I've been saving. He's nuts for bread (hee, hee), so that will be scattered in little bits alongside of the rice. The avocado should be safe. The strawberries are in danger of being licked, and I'm sure the heavy cream has met its doom. Sinbad and Spook can't resist cream. Time to draw a deep breath and face the music. Or the broom and dustpan. Wish me luck.
Until later,