Quilt Guild/Club Affiliations

Current member and past quilt show chair (2007, 2009, and 2011) of Q.U.I.L.T. of Northwest Arkansas. Blog address http://quiltguildnwa.edublogs.org/.

Current member of Dogwood Quilt Guild at http://dogwoodquiltguild.blogspot.com/ (although this site does not seem to have been updated lately, so it may have been replaced with another).

Current member of Busy Bees Quilt Club, a small club that meets twice monthly to chat and sew. We also have made the ribbons for the last three Q.U.I.L.T. Guild bi-annual quilt show winners.

Current member of NQA and AQS.

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  1. Hi Debbi,
    I'm glad you enjoy my quilts and quilting. I was a teacher for ten years, then went back to school and was an RN for another 20 years. Now, I'm retired (HA) and do longarm quilting as well as put on retreats for quilting four times a year.
    I have enjoyed scrolling back through your blog and reading your journey in reverse! Your quilts are wonderful. So are your Mom's. I started quilting with my Mom and now she is blind and unable to sew any more. I will always be grateful to her for introducing me to quilting.
    See you in the blogosphere! Susan


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