2012 To-Do Quilt List

UFO #1 - I started my Red Sea version of the traditional Ocean Wave block in December 2011 as a Stash Buster assignment. Stash Busters is a group of quilters who meet every two months at Sager Creek Quilt and Yarnworks in Siloam Springs, AR. While there, our host and hostess, Cliff and Pam Goggins, show us what's new in the store (fabric, books, and/or notions),  new techniques, and new patterns and classes that are available. We share a yummy dessert prepared by Chef Cliff (Man, can that guy cook!) then share Show and Tell. Those of us who have worked on the free pattern from the last meeting share our versions and those who haven't share what they have been working on. Everyone who wants a piece of Cliff's dessert must earn it by bringing at least a block to share! Pam then passes out the new free pattern for our next meeting and shows us the shop's version. To do:  borders, backing, quilting, binding. Home found! My sister claimed this one.
Done! May 2012

UFO #2 - This was a Stash Busters design from 2010? 2011? It's a brick road that could be made out of flannels or cottons. As you can see, I'm terrible at making scrappy quilts. I get too many fabrics and most of them don't work together. I really hated this top until I decided to work on finishing it. At the top of the photo, you can see the borders that I am working on. Two inch squares are "floating" in a dark blue fabric. I'm hoping this technique will serve to pull out and unify the fabrics mixed in the body of the quilt. To do:  finish borders, backing, quilting, binding.

UFO #3 - This is my 2010 Pizza Box blocks from Dogwood Quilt Guild. Two of the members, knowing how cat crazy I am, machine appliqued cats for me. My instructions on this project told everyone to make any sized blocks out of a selection of batiks. I have 12 blocks, so I'll need to make a few more (more cats, now that I know how to applique?). To do:  add blocks and borders, backing, quilting, binding.

UFO #4 - For my 2011 Dogwood Quilt Guild Pizza Block, I asked for uniform 12 1/2" blocks. I usually ask for blocks of different sizes in my pizza boxes, but since I usually get 12 1/2" blocks anyway, I decided not to fight it. I also limited the number of fabrics I provided and did not allow for additional fabrics to be added. I requested some of the yellow floral in each block. I love these blocks! To do:  add blocks and borders, backing, quilting, binding.

UFO #5 - This is my version of Sager Creek's Tonga Batik's Block of the Month. I loved the challenge of making so many blocks that I've never tried before, but I wanted my quilt to be in different colors than those supplied. I now have a side stash of batiks that were supposed to be used in this quilt! I finished January through May before I got derailed. Looking at this photo, I'm ready to get back to work and finish this! To do:  June through December blocks, sashing, borders, (done 3/17/12)  backing, quilting, ( done 4/6/12) binding.
  Done! May 2012

UFO #6 - Every winter the Eureka Springs quilters hold a wonderful retreat (Quilters Loose in the Woods) and invite Mom and me to come. We only get to see many of these delightful women once a year, at retreat. Every year we engage in a fun fabric exchange. We cut 7" squares of five different fabrics of the same color. As you can see, I used the blues from one year and the black and whites from another to make this Hourglass quilt. I have added a small red border (visible at the top of the photo) and intend to add a wider border of the blue fabric show. To do:  borders, backing, (done 3/17/12)  quilting, (done 4/2/12) binding.
Done! Summer 2012

UFO #7 - I am not a red person. I hate white. Hearts are way too soppy. I love this quilt! When I attended the 2011 spring retreat with the Dogwood Quilt Guild, I decided that  I needed a new project (okay, okay, I get the irony of needing a new project with so many waiting to be finished), so I decided to broaden my horizons with a heart pattern. I found this one that was supposed to be used for a short table runner, but I just kept going. I added two borders of 2 1/2" by whatever length red strips to frame the hearts. To do:  backing, quilting, binding.
Done! 4/6/12

UFO #8 - This Turning 20 pattern was our mystery quilt pattern about three years ago at the Q.U.I.L.T. Retreat to the Hills. I couldn't decide on which fabrics to bring for a mystery quilt, so I brought two collections and made two tops. The second top is in autumnal colors and is also on my To Do list a little farther down. To do:  borders (done 07/13/12), backing, quilting, binding.

UFO #9 - This quilt is one of Tessie's favorites. Every time I tried to arrange the blocks the way I wanted them, Tessie would wait until I turned my back and rearrange them. That cat is very opinionated. Anyway, I finally just sewed them together the way Tessie wanted them. This is another free pattern from Sager Creek back when the Stash Busters were known as Stash Pot Pie. I have started rather complicated borders for this quilt, and I've been too intimidated to finish them. To do:  borders, backing, quilting, binding.
UFO #10 - This group of pieces will one day be a gorgeous wall hanging. I took a class at Sager Creek two years ago, and this is as far as I got on the project. I rarely get to take classes since I work full time, but I made the time for this one. Unfortunately, I badly injured my foot just days before the class, and I was on crutches. I couldn't stand, and I could barely sew. I kept the instructions, so one day, hopefully this year, I can get this finished. To do:  everything!

UFO #11 - This quilt top is a sister to one one that I made using a different focal fabric. I used the same coordinating fabrics in both. The green sashing is different in the two quilts as well. I need to decide what I want to do about borders. To do:  border (done 07/12), backing, quilting, binding.

UFO # 12 - I found this block in the book 501 Rotary Cut Quilt Blocks. I decided to try reversing the light and medium blue fabrics in every other block. I think I will use the floral as a wide border. To do:  border (Done - May 2012), backing(done June 2012), quilting (done July 2012), binding.
Done! Summer 2012

UFO # 13 - I love bright colors. I thought I had this quilt top finished, but I really don't like the light colored border. I think I'm going to go back and try something else. To do:  remove current border, add border, backing, quilting, binding.

UFO #14 - Here is another quilt made with the 7" exchange blocks from my Eureka guild friends. I started this quilt about three years ago using another free Stash Pot Pie pattern from Sager Creek. I combined my purple exchange squares with a white confetti background. To do:  make more blocks, border, backing, quilting, binding.

UFO # 15 - This is the second Turning 20 pattern from our Mystery quilt at the Q.U.I.L.T. retreat a few years ago. I had the borders completed, but noticed that I had cut two of them the wrong size. I have corrected one end, but got bored before finishing the other. All I have to do is cut and sew on two 1 1/2" strip borders and adjust the wider border in between, and the top will be done. To do:  correct borders, backing, quilting, binding. Home found! My sister claimed this one.

Done! July 2012

UFO #16 - This is a polka-dot quilt that I made for my niece. she hated it. I guess the yellow border was just too much for her. Anyway, now that I know how to applique, I am going to applique large and small "dots" all over the top beginning the one of the corners. I already have the backing for it. To do:  applique dots, quilting, binding.

UFO #17 - This block is another free pattern from our Stash Pot Pie days a few years ago. I used four blocks sashed in purple and four blocks sashed in green to make a reversible wall hanging. Jennifer from Just Jennifer bought it at our quilt show small quilt auction in 2009. I used these three blocks for a table runner. To do:  backing, quilting, binding.

UFO #18 - Both of these pictures are blocks using fabrics from my 2009 Dogwood Pizza Box exchange. the top photo show blocks of various sizes (and shapes!) made by our guild members. The lower photo is small (4 1/2" blocks I made to go along with the larger blocks. The challenge of this quilt is to integrate all of the different sizes, shapes, and styles of blocks into one quilt. What fun! To do:  create more blocks, design and complete top, backing, quilting, binding.

UFO #19 - I forget the name of the book this pattern comes from -- I"ll have to look it up. The pattern is a bargello, so no wonder it's taking so long. I couldn't decide which color to use for the rings, so I used them all! I have a beautiful batik border picked out for this quilt. To do:  finish blocks, border, quilting, binding.

UFO #20 - My signature blocks! My friends! After chairing the Q.U.I.L.T. of NWA quilt show for six years (three bi-annual shows), stepped down in April of 2011 to make way for fresh blood and new ideas. As a thank you, the guild members gave me and my co-chair (Mom) signature blocks. Mine are in brights and Mom's are batiks. What great choices to match our preferences. Mom just showed me her completed signature block quilt, and it's beautiful! I guess that means that I need to get started on mine. I won't be able to come up with a setting nearly as creative and beautiful as Mom's (I'll try to post a picture of hers), I need to give some thought to a setting that will do these wonderful friends justice. To do:  design setting for top, borders, backing, quilting, binding.

UFO #21 - Ah, my first needle turn applique efforts. Don't look closely at the middle mask - I had trouble with the nostrils and the teeth. I never should have chosen that mask as my second effort. Thank you to Diana for finding the perfect pattern for teaching me. I collect African art, so this was right up my alley, interest wise. I've already started cutting the 2 1/2" squares for the sashing. I usually change patterns, if I use them at all, to suit myself, but I really like this pattern just the way it is. This little wall hanging shouldn't take me too long to finish. To do:  finish cutting fabric for sashing and borders (done - 2/5-12) , backing, quilting, binding.
Done! Fall 2012 

UFO #22 - Another failed attempt at a scrappy quilt. I think this is the ugliest one I've made yet. The border fabric I put on it does not help at all, so I have to remove it and try again. This was another Mystery Quilt pattern at Q.U.I.L.T.'s retreat a couple of years ago. To do:  remove current border, add border, backing, quilting, binding.

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  1. Debbi, yesterday I was going through a basket of papers and found the instructions and the fabric strip for your signature block. I tossed in my trash can because I thought you had probably already made the quilt. I have retrieved it and will get it to you.
    Kathy G


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