Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Up, up, and away!

Yes! I am up!

Okay, so I'm really sorta wobbling more than flying, but at least I no longer remain hunched over my crutches 24/7. As of my doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon, I am now allowed to put some weight on my left foot. The surgery incision is finally healing well, and I'm racing toward that complete recovery line!!! Okay, okay, I'm hobbling excitedly and holding onto walls, desks, people, anything that I can grab, on the way to that complete recovery line. But I'm moving.

What does that mean quilt-wise? Well, that I can begin quilting again, of course! For the last seven weeks, I have been unable to do anything except hand work. Speaking of which, what's happening with this little hand work gem?
Well, let's just say that it and I have come to a temporary (ha!) parting of the ways. So what happened, when everything seemed to be going so well? I had the first block about three-fourths finished when I happened to notice a bit of a problem. I have done more tearing out and re-sewing of this block than I have of any other project. Unfortunately, there is more on the way if I want to salvage it. May I please draw your attention to the above picture. Most specifically, the top teardrop structure and the mostly completed matching structure on the left. If you will look closely at the dark blue teardrops and their positioning, you will notice that on the top design, the blue extends from the sides of the orange petals, just below the green leaves. In the design on the left, however (and yes, it is complete now), the dark blue extends from midway down the orange petals. I have everything off kilter. There will be a lot more ripping out on this block if I decide to pursue it. It may become a permanent UFO.  : (
Speaking of UFOs, I am very excited at the prospect of getting back to finishing some of my half-baked quilts again. My poor sewing machine would be feeling quite abandoned if Mom hadn't kept it company while she stayed with me after my surgery. Well, just watch me hug the wall and wobble now! Sewing machine, here I come!


  1. I feel your pain! Just finished PT from knee surgery and now need back surgery. I'm a longarm quilter, so this isn't fun or profitable...but I did get some hexie flowers done. Not enough to make anything of size, but they're cute. Hang in there and keep on quilting.

  2. For refusing to use a sewing machine until a few years ago when the quilting bug caught you, you are one great quilter! Hope you will always enjoy it.


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