Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Purple Diamond Quilt

A few years ago (nope, sorry, but that's as close as I can remember time-wise), Mom and I participated in a square exchange with the Eureka Quilt Guild at their retreat. The color for that year's exchange was purple. I got received about 100 or more 7" squares of mixed purples. Yeah!
Well, I used many of them with a white confetti background to start this Stashbuster's pattern. It's been on my To-Do list ever since. I wanted to use each fabric only once, but I think I'm going to have to use Mom's stack as well in order to get this quilt large enough. That means either waiting more years to get an adequate number of 7" purple scraps or go ahead and use repeats. Yep, repeats it will be. I want this finished. It's official - I'm raiding Mom's stash. :) 
I sewed together the blocks I already had made and added a couple more. The top is currently lap sized. I will need to double the size and add borders before it's finished. I going to like the pattern when it's all finished. I'm hoping that this will be one of Get 'r' Done projects for 2014. Wish me luck.


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