Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Christmas throw progress...

I've finished the main portion of my first Christmas quilt. I've been gamely building 2-square segments into 36-square blocks all week, and I've finally finished enough for my first quilt.

As a general rule, I don't buy charm packs or other precuts. I prefer to cut my own fabrics both because I enjoy that aspect of quilting and because I'm more accurate than large factory cutters - and I value accuracy. However, I occasionally find myself in possession of precuts because of give-a-ways, gifts, or door prizes. That was the case with three 5" charm packs of old-fashioned Christmas fabrics. I decided to use these all in their own quilt. Since I didn't have quite enough, I threw in some of my more modern prints, but I tried to keep it as old-fashioned as possible.

I then pulled out this rather sweet piece of yardage and decided that it was just the right mood for the alternating 12" squares to go with my 36-patches.

Once I started sewing the blocks together, I decided that I rather liked the quilt, despite the rather busy look of it.


I'm trying to decide whether I need to finish the quilt off with a two or three inch border of Christmas print that I stole borrowed my mother generously agreed to donate to the cause or to finish it as it is. I may sit on the decision until I make the next quilt. The next one will be the same pattern but with more modern, flashy Christmas prints (read that as lots of sparkly silver and gold!). I figure that I've had all of these fabrics for years and have never touched any of them, so I might as well sew them all up at once in this really simple pattern.

Well, lots more cutting to do before I get the next top finished, but I'll let you see it as soon as I have some progress. I'm trying to decide whether to use one fabric for the 12" blocks or to mix fabrics. I'll have to experiment. Maybe rows of red fabrics, then green fabrics, then blue fabrics, etc.? Play time it is...

More later...

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