Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yet another new project - my first Chirstmas quilt!

Yes, yes, I know. Why on Earth am I starting yet another new project when I am so far behind on dozens of others? Well, we had our bi-monthly Stashbuster's meeting at Sager Creek Quilts last Thursday, and we received our new, free Stashbuster's quilt pattern. I haven't made the last few patterns (some I was too busy to start and others I just didn't like), so I decided that I needed to join in on the fun again and do another quick quilt. This month we got an extra easy quilt pattern. It is just a 36-patch alternated with a 12 1/2" square. Nothing could be easier!

Since I have tons of Christmas fabric and have never used any of it, I decided that now is the time. You can see some of the 12 1/2" squares I'm going to use with the 36 patches in progress in the following picture.

I want to show you a really neat way to make multiple square patches without having to cut each individual square itself. I learned this method from Dava (I don't remember her last name), who taught a class at my guild several years ago. I love the simplicity of it. So here goes:

If you need 2" finished squares (which this pattern calls for), you will need 2 1/2" unfinished squares to start with. Cut 5" blocks from each of your fabrics. I've started with a fat quarter below.

I've paired the 5" square from my first fabric with a 5" square of red fabric and sewn a quarter inch seam on two opposite sides.

Here is the flip side of that same 5" pairing. Again, you can see the opposing seams.

Now cut down the middle of the squares at the 2 1/2" mark. This gives you two pieces 2 1/2" x 5".

Turn the square and cut down the middle at 2 1/2" again. I've separated two of the four pieces so that you can see how this works. I actually have all four pieces cut in this photo.

Here are all four pieces separated. Now to see your pairs of sewn fabric...

Open the sewn pairings and iron towards the darker fabric. If you are making four-patches, you now have the pieces for two matching four patches. Just turn the bottom two pieces around and sew them back together with their counterparts. You will then have red/green on the top sewn to green/red on the bottom. Perfect four-patches!

Since I want a mix of fabrics for a scrappy look, I am sewing lots of five inch squares together and cutting them into two-patches. I am then sewing the two-patches together in sets of three to make 36-patches (three sets of two-patches by three sets of two-patches equals six by six, or 36 squares). Maybe it's not loads quicker, but I like this method. : )

I'll show you more photos as the blocks begin to come together. I have so much Christmas fabric, and this is such a quick quilt, that I may have to make multiple quilts! They'll be scattered everywhere!

And finally, my gratuitous kitty photo. This time I happened upon Tessie (the broken tabby) and Maxie (the tuxedo) curled up together in a very loving pose. These two have never shown much fondness for each other in the past, but as the weather is getting colder, they've decided to put aside their differences in favor of a warm cuddle partner. Oh, if it were only that easy with people...

Until later,

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  1. Cute kitties! Nice to see how you make the patches! Love the simplicity!


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