Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back to sewing...

Aren't antibiotics wonderful? My husband and I are both finally feeling semi-well again. That means that I can get back to some serious sewing!

Mom quilted my Old-fashioned Christmas quilt for me last week, and I got the binding sewn on this weekend. Now I just need to to hand-sew it down. I took pictures of the process and would like, later this week, to post it as a tutorial. I know that most of you already know how to bind a quilt, but I also know that some of you are newer at quilting and might like to see a method that may be different from yours. If you're already familiar with my method, I'll be writing other posts later. I don't have time to post the tutorial today, but I hope to tomorrow!

Anyway, since my cats took over my sewing room again while I was working on my bindings this weekend, I took the opportunity to work a little on my owl wallhanging again.

I had reached this point on my little girl owl before I got sick.

I was able to finish off her eyes and beak last night. Okay, so her beak looks a little like she flew into a window and bent it, but oh well. The eyes may be a little light again, but I'm not changing them this time! She'll just have to have light blue eyes. : )

I picked out some fabrics last night for my next owl. I have two left to applique on. Hopefully, I'll have some more progress to report tomorrow. Until then, happy sewing, and I'll work on that tutorial tomorrow (cross my fingers that I'll have time!).


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