Thursday, December 20, 2012

My final owl is finished!

You may remember yesterday's finished owl (below). I spent most of yesterday finishing the eyes and the beak and beginning the last owl.

By mid morning, I had this much finished on my final owl. I must admit that the legs were supposed to be super skinny, but there was no way I felt up to attempting something that challenging. All of my quilting friends told me that they wouldn't try it either. They suggested either machine appliqueing it or simply embroidering it. Neither appealed to me, so I just gave her chunky legs! She looks like me!

By the early evening, I had her completely finished (below). I just noticed in these photos that the lines in her wings are going different directions! He left wing has feathers going down, but her left wing is all ruffled... Hmmmm... Maybe she got caught in that strong wind storm we had last night... Whatever, I'm not changing it now!

I still need to applique a small broken branch beside my falling owl, but then I'll be completely finished with the applique. I have three owl eyes that are supposed to have eyelashes, so I have some embroidery ahead of me. I probably won't even start that process until after Christmas since I have to find my long lost embroidery thread. Now where did I last see that thread container?

On a final note tonight, I have been staying very silent about the heartbreaking event in Newtown, CT, last Friday. But I have cried every day when I've watched the news and seen the photos of the lost children and teachers who are being buried each day. As teachers ourselves, my husband and I share the shock and confusion of school teachers everywhere who ask themselves "What if..." What would I do? How would I feel? We don't have children of our own, and neither of us teaches small children; my husband teaches high schoolers, and I teach adults. But we don't feel protective and responsible for our students. My heart grieves for those beautiful little girls and boys and for the women who died trying to save them. I won't mention them again, but I feel better for having written something anyway.

Tomorrow we will finish our Christmas shopping, and I'll finish the wrapping. I got almost everything that I had already bought wrapped today.

Until later,

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