Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tackling another UFO...

I've been updating my To Do page (see the tab at the top) with pictures of the quilts I've finished this year. I should be able to complete my update by this time next week. At that time I will rename that tab to reflects its 2012 status and start a new tab for my 2013 To Do list. Why? Well...

I have until next Saturday to finish any UFOs on my To Do list in time to get my name in a drawing at Dogwood Guild. We've had a challenge going all year to get some of our in-progress quilts finished. We get to enter our names into a drawing once for each quilt top we complete and twice for any quilt that we complete all the way down to the label. This year I've completed seven quilts and two quilt tops on my list. (I also finished several that I had not remembered to submit on my To Do list, so they didn't count, but I'm still glad I got them done.) I'm hoping to get one or two more quilt tops finished this week (ones that are on my list and WILL count).

The only problem with finishing so many tops before our January meeting is that we are renewing the challenge for this coming year. The more projects I get finished this year, the fewer I get to enter on a To Do list for next year. But that's okay. I can add three Christmas quilts, the Day and Night quilt, the Farmer's Market quilt, and the owl applique quilt that I started this year to the unfinished items list as well as the ones that are still on the list from this year. And I found more projects that I had not included this year as well (Let's not talk about how many or how hard I had to look to find them!). I should still have more than 20 projects to work on. Oh my. How embarrassing. ; )

The quilt top that I'm working on now was a Stash Pot Pie quilt that we worked on about two years ago. All I need to do is finish the borders, but that requires math. Hmmm... No wonder I've avoided finishing it. Ugh.

I really like this quilt, but I an out of the cream confetti background fabric, so it's smaller than I'd like. Oh well. It'll still fit a full-sized bed when I'm finished with it. Yes, yes, I know it needs to be ironed. UFO stuffed in a corner, remember?

Below, you can see what I'm working on for the borders. As you may have noticed, I love floating borders. I've already sewn on a 2 1/2" border (cut sized, not finished) and am working on the floating zig-zag. I'll add a 4 1/2" border on the outside. I do anything to avoid points on the outside of a quilt. They always suffer after quilting. It's almost impossible to quilt and bind a quilt and maintain outside points.

Wish me luck finding time to work on this tomorrow. I think I know how I want to work the borders, and I only need a few hours to get them finished, but house keeping keeps calling my name. I've been working with cotton stuffed in my ears so far, but eventually I'm going to need clean clothes and dishes. In the meantime, Mom and I are talking about hitting a big sale at Guthrie Quilts in Colcord, OK, tomorrow, weather permitting. Deep breath... I'm going to need more willpower than I actually have to hold onto my Christmas money faced with such provocation!

Speaking of tomorrow, can you believe we only have one day left in the year? Wow! I wonder what next year will bring...

Until later,

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  1. OK, I love this last quilt and the strippy one in the previous post. We will agree to disagree on the snowman quilt. You were right in choosing the quilt for me that you did. Sorry you couldn't stay longer. We could have played strip monolopy or some such game.


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