Monday, March 25, 2013

Please do me a favor...

I had planned on showing some photos of the quilts blocks I made this weekend, but those will have to wait. Instead, I would like for you to click on then click on the play button to see the quilt show photos. There are a lot of photos, but they are SO worth seeing. I am IN LOVE with that zebra!

This is one of my favorite blogs, Ms. Wazoo does some of the most incredible custom quilting I have ever seen. Mr. Wazoo has a machine of his own and does many of the less intensive quilts. I recognized some of the quilts in the show as some that the Wazoos had quilted for customers.

Did you do it? Did you SEE those quilts??? Wasn't that a fantastic quilt show? If you liked those photos, I encourage you to follow this blog. You won't regret it. I swear I'm not on her payroll; I just love her quilt photos. : )

I feel so inadequate now! *Sniff* I think I'll go to bed and dream of lovely quilts. Goodnight.



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    1. You are always welome, Ms. WAZOO. Just keep those lovely photos coming for me! :)


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