Thursday, April 4, 2013

2013 Progess List

I've just been updating my 2013 To Do List page (see page list on the upper right of the blog). I have 30 UFO projects listed on this page that I would like to get finished this year. Pretty optimistic, huh? I have currently been able to mark three off of that list. Woo HOO! That's one a month so far!

Of course, that still leaves 27 to go.  : 0  Aaauugghhh... Does 2013 have 27 months? No?  : (  Then I guess I need to get moving. The good news, of course, is that I currently have seven quilts awaiting binding and labeling, five of which are on my To Do list. All but two of those seven have the binding sewn down to the front already. Post binding and labeling, I'll have eight of my UFOs done! Yippee!!! *Smiles and Happy Dance*

Of course, I have started two more quilts already this year. *sheepish grin* I hope those don't make it onto my 2014 To Do list!

Sorry I don't have any photos today. I'm getting ready to start packing a case for the weekend. I'm going on RETREAT! I'm leaving at noon tomorrow (after my last class) to head out with Mom for a weekend of wild partying  exciting adventure  chocolate fueled, sweatshop style, binge sewing. Out of my way ladies! I have UFOs to finish! Bring on the Mt Dew and Oreos - I don't intend to sleep for 48 hours!

See you next week!



  1. Can't wait to see how the weekend went!!!

    1. Well Rachel, the retreat did not go exactly as planned... I intend to post an update this afternoon. Hint: don't expect to see a lot of photos of finished projets! LOL


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