Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What's the next block, Callie?

Once again, my lovely assistant Callie has agreed to help me display my latest blocks for my kit quilt.
You may remember that I completed five quilt blocks last week. I need 15 blocks for the pattern or 20 if I want to expand to a queen-sized quilt. Thankfully, the kit included enough fabric for a queen-sized quilt, but I will need to come up with the additional 5 block patterns myself. I think I'm up to the challenge. : )
So this weekend, between going shopping for a new chick coop (pictures later - once we get it assembled!) and trading out our old brush-hog for a different old brush-hog, I was able to sew an additional 5 blocks. So here they are. Callie, if you please...
Thank you, Cal. This beige and red block lacks something since I made it with no green. It's the only block that has only two colors (although it still has the requisite four fabrics). I may decide to add green to it (depending on how it looks when I lay everything out) if it still looks out of place. Oh, and did you catch my comment about having four different fabrics? Can you find all four? One red - check. One pink/red - check. Two beiges - wait, TWO beiges? Yep, I thought I would be brilliant and use a very light beige and a slightly darker version of the same color just for shading. I should have known better than to trust to my brilliance. The second beige is a square and a half coming out from the pinkish HST on each side. See it now? No? Hmmm.... I may need to rip those pieces out and replace them with a light green...

Anyway, I like this next square. I'm back to a recognizable four fabrics again with this little pinwheel block. Isn't it cute? Okay, Callie, what's next? Callie? Oh my, she zoned out during my diatribe about the first block.


Ah yes, there you are. This third block features a beautiful yellow-green batik fabric and some rather pronounced variations in color. Oops! Did you notice that I have turned a corner the wrong way on the upper-right hand side? Of course you noticed! And of course you would have been kind enough to point it out to me so that I didn't get the entire quilt finished before seeing it...Wouldn't you?

Since I just noticed it myself, I'll have to get that fixed tonight before I forget about it again. On to the next block.

Callie is glaring at me because she doesn't like that shadow creeping up on her from the bottom of the picture. I have no idea what was casting the shadow in this case, but it seems to appear in several of my photos. Something else on four paws or just my elbow sticking out? Regardless, this gold and red star block is actually one of my favorites. I do like gold. Cash is great too, of course, but there's just something about gold...toss in a diamond here and there... Sigh.

And the last block before I finished for the night. At least I got everything pointing the right direction in this block. It does look a bit Christmasy though. Oh well. I'm definitely not changing it.

And now for the grand finale for the weekend... drum roll please, Callie...

CALLIE! Please pay attention!

Thank you. You just can't get good help these days. I guess I'll have to start paying more than just tuna if I want competent help in the future.  : )

So with the five blocks above (one and maybe two of them scheduled for surgery tonight to fix "problems") and the five from last week...

I have ten finished blocks. I'm making pretty good progress. Half-way there!

And some by-the-way news... Mom called me at work yesterday to ask a favor. It seems that the program chair at her Pieces and Patches guild (which meets during the day, so I'm not a member) asked her to give a trunk show in June. And get this... They want her to do a trunk show of MY quilts! I still think it was just an April Fool's Day joke, but she swears not.

Oh dear! Do you realize how much cat hair that means that I have to get cleared off of my quilts before I can send them off with her? Oh my. I'll probably be able to build at least three more full-sized cats and a kitten with all that fur!

I guess I need to get started on that stack of binding, too. Six quilts waiting. Sigh. Mount UFO, here I come. Anyone want to help with binding? Anyone? Callie, come back here!

Later. I have to go corral a worker cat or two to help me with this binding. Here, kitty, kitty. See, I have tuna...



  1. Wow, you got a lot done! Highly impressed here! Callie, don't listen to her, you are doing a fabulous job!

    1. Thanks, Rachel! Now if I can just keep going despite the oncoming allergy season...

      Oh, and Callie says "Hi!" Well, actually, she just waved her tail and looked pointedly at the canned food cabinet, but it means the same thing!


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