Monday, May 20, 2013

A sad and loving farewell...

Spring 1996-May 17, 2013
 Butch in 2007 with his cool, summer look - all those long, furry locks shaved off.

 Butch and Belle just weeks after we brought Belle home from the shelter in 2008. Butch still had his long, winter look. Butch was still mourning the loss of his lifelong friend, PeeWee (our Doberman) a month earlier, and he ignored Belle for about two months.
 Butch and Belle about a year later.

Butch in 2010. This was the last year that Butch was really able to walk with us and enjoy himself. He adored playing in the snow.
 Run, Butchie, run!
 Are you taking my picture?

 My husband loved to give large, meaty bones to the dogs. Since Butch was convinced that he was just as big a dog as all of the others (after all, he was raised as a Doberman!), he also got a big bone. Of course, sometimes that big bone actually made him tip over...but he was happy!

 Butch and another new friend, Muffin, in 2010.
Goodbye, best buddy. You've been separated from PeeWee for long enough. I know you're running in Doberman heaven with your best friend, but I will miss you terribly down here.



  1. So sorry about Butch. We had two sibling dogs, and when Gizmo died, Skipper was also despondent and roamed around crying and looking for his brother.We got Molly as a pup to ease his grief, but he also ignored her for a few weeks. They eventually became tight friends. Skip had a stroke and died last year. Molly is doing okay now, but had the same separation anxiety. Pee Wee, Butch, Gizmo and Skipper are running with the big dogs now. My sympathies to you.

    1. Thank you, Ms. Wazoo. I take comfort in believing that he's pain free and his ears are flapping in the breeze again as he runs. It's nice that he'll have playmates again. :)


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