Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring is here!

Yep, that's my sentiment exactly! The spring semester is finally over. Whew. I just want crow along with my roosters. Of course, I started a new semester today... : / But on to happier thoughts...

In an upcoming blog, I will introduce you to the newest member of the family - Teddy. I need to get a photo of him first.

So in the meantime... it's SPRING! Finally! Here's what's going on in my garden.

A flourishing of wild irises. My cultivated irises taste too good. The chickens eat them every time I get any planted. The wild iris don't seem to be as scrumptious. And they bloom longer and more prufusely, too.
A bit of petunia love for the humming birds. (I was dive bombed twice while planting this.)
Some bright and lively coreopsis.
A bit of pink stuff. (Yeah, well, I don't have to remember the names of everything, do I?)
Some cosmos. I love these happy little flowers. I prefer the full sized one, but I'm sticking to container plants this year, so these are just perfect. I boughts LOTS of them.
A little taste testing...
Yep, it's confirmed. Petunias are as tasty as they smell. : )
More petunias and some verbena.
I bought three different colors of African daisies. This is one of them. I'll show you the others in another post.
Well, that's all I have time for today. So from all of us here at the farm, from kitten...

to chicken, we wish you a good day. I'll post again very soon with some more photos, including some new blocks for my kit quilt.

See ya later,

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