Monday, January 30, 2012

Creation of the To Do Quilt List

Dogwood Quilters Quilt Guild has declared 2012 the year to "Get 'er Done." To that end, I am creating a page of UFOs that I need to finish asap. Although I can't get all of them done this year, I have great hopes of finishing many of them. Most just need borders, backs, and quilting.

I was well on my way to working through one of these projects on Saturday morning when I burned out an outlet in my sewing room. It's hard to sew in the dark. Fortunately, I know an electrician who has a full-time job at a factory during the week and does small electrician's jobs at night and on week-ends. Guess who was close by and available! Thank goodness, Jeff had my sewing room relit and working again in less than an hour. I still didn't get my quilt top finished, but I am significantly closer!

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