Friday, January 27, 2012

Today is my half-day at work. This afternoon, I quilt! Okay, first I have lunch with Mom, feed the chickens, give the kitties their yum, load the dishwasher, water my plants, and gather the laundry. THEN I quilt.

I'm trying to get more of my Ocean Waves patterned quilt finished before our Stash Busters meeting next Thursday. Of course, the cats keep "helping" me cut the fabric (Fabric must be lain on for at least two hours to warm it up before it can be cut.), sew the pieces (Watch the tail!), and iron the blocks (Oh, that warm ironing board feels good on the fur!), so it's taking far longer to get anything done than I had planned. Earlier this week I tried switching to binding my butterfly quilt (picture coming as soon as the binding is on), but I do have four cats. There always seems to be someone free to curl up on the quilt as I'm working on it or to occupy it permenantly if I get up for a moment.

We had a lovely Q.U.I.L.T. meeting last night with one of our own members giving a trunk show. Liz does fabulous work. I also saw Diana there last night. She is the wonderful friend who took on the challenge of teaching an applique hater to actually enjoy applique. She found an African mask pattern for me that I absolutely love. I now have all of the masks made and need to work on the setting so that I can have a wall hanging to show off. I find myself actually looking for new applique patterns now. How embarassing after all I've said over the years about applique...

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