Thursday, January 26, 2012

Today's blog justification thought-

One of my reasons for creating this blog is to explore the connection between on-line social connections and employability. I teach Employability Skills to entry-level, post-secondary students, and I am fascinated by the new evaluative tools being used by prospective employers. I have set myself the goal of learning as much as possible about the pros and cons of developing relationships soley through social media. How do these relationships impact, positively or negatively, on our ability to get new job offers? How do they help our networking capabilities?

So why a quilt blog instead of a professional introspective? Because quilts are more fun! This is supposed to be SOCIAL media, right? I can still demonstrate my willingness to be creative and curious while discussing my passions for quilting and cats (not necessarily in that order). I'm eager to share and teach and learn, but that will require followers and readers. Darn. I guess that eventually I will have to let people know about this little blog, but I think I will wait until I have more interesting information to share.


  1. Debbi - this blog is awesome! Congrats on starting it. Plus, it is beautiful to look at. Social media has been a huge factor in our world. It makes us feel more connected to all our far-flung family and friends, we get instant feedback or answers, and we just feel more aware of what's going on. That helps with isolation when we're out in the field for 10-14 hours in the summers. So glad you are here!!!

    1. Thank you, Bree! I've been more than a little reluctant to delve too deeply into the Internet. I joined Facebook last year and finally decided to be even braver this year. After seeing your wonderful blog about the house and viewing a friend's quilt blog, I decided to dip a toe into the water. I'll probably never learn enough to make my site as beautiful and interesting as yours, but as you said, it's a way to share information with friends and family. And it's fun!


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