Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fabric Fun!

Remember that fabric shop I wanted to visit in Tyler, TX? Well, here is what I came out with. Three bags full!

A beautiful blue dotted batik! This fabric is bright and fun.

A pale blue batik. I don't often buy light fabrics, so I am making a conscious effort to fill holes in my stash.

This is a very light blue patterned cotton. I do love blue and have a lot of it. I really didn't need more, but this is almost a neutral it's so light.

Not the best picture of this fabric. This is actually much darker and brighter. It does, however, show the variations of colors in this fabric. This is probably my second favorite fabric from this shopping trip.

This dark picture was the only way I could show the pattern on this snow white fabric. I, NO white fabric. I don't buy it. I bought two pieces this time - again, in a conscious effort to fill that hole.

Here is the second white fabric. Again, I shot it without light in order to show the pattern.

Slightly fuzzy picture, but this is a lovely gray batik to go with three other gray batiks I bought a few months ago.

This lovely light yellow is a 50% off clearance sale find. I LOVE it. I'm trying to decide whether to give it to Mom for baby quilts or keep it for my own stash since, once again, I don't have light colored prints. This one is a soft butter color.

A second clearance find. I have always loved plaids. This aqua is quite lovely, so I bought a few yards of it.

This pretty little blue on cream is another fabric I chose to lighten up my stash. Do you think it's a problem that almost all of the light fabrics I have bought have been blue?

Okay, here is a bright that I just had to have. It has butterflies (I collect butterfly fabric) and cute, bright flowers. This is so me!

And a green fabric (not from the same line) that I bought because it matches the green in the fabric above. How fortuitous since I would have bought it anyway just because it is my favorite green!

This was an end-of-bolt find, so I ended the bolt. I do love bright purple. This should make a nice focal fabric sometime in the future.

I could not get the right color for this fabric no matter how many pictures I took. This is actually a dark chocolate rather than a milk chocolate color. This is the only fabric I bought with a project in mind. I'm working on a bargello that needs more browns in this vein.

And, of course, the obligatory stripe. Won't this make a wonderful binding for a fun, bright quilt? I love striped bindings cut on the diagonal.

One of the ladies at the shop was cutting this black and white fabric into fat quarters. I told her to HALT! until I could get a couple yards (okay, four yards!) of it. Don't you just love it? I really love black and white fabrics, and this one is fabulous.

Yet another blue fabric. This one has the stylized flowers that I love so much. The black background in this photo is actually an extremely dark blue.

And here is my favorite fabric of the hunt. It's a bright (well, what did you expect?) batik in lots of colors. *Happy sigh.* I'll have fun with this one some day.

My next post will be about the rose gardens at Tyler, TX. Well, not actually the gardens themselves. You'll just have to check back and see these fabulous photos. You won't believe them! I'll see you then.


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