Friday, July 6, 2012

Patios, pizza boxes, and butterflies...

What a busy day I've had! Warning, this a picture heavy post...

First, my morning started early with the sight of this gorgeous newly hatched butterfly. I love blue butterflies!

Next, I retired to my sewing room and took out a pizza box block collection from two years ago. I had ten blocks made by ten very special ladies from my Dogwood Quilt Guild. I need more blocks, so I made the top block to add to the others. Aren't they all beautiful?

I was speeding right along until I reached for my fabrics to make some more blocks. Hello, Callie. Okay, that quilt is returned to the back burner. : /

I went to the sunroom to check on the other kitties and found Maxie in high excitement. She was scanning the ceiling for something...

It's a wasp! There it goes! 

Get it Maxie!

Reach for it again! (Don't worry. Maxie was never in any danger. The wasp was well out of reach on the ceiling. She was just paddling the air out of frustration and eternal hope!)

On to the afternoon. The patio team showed up when the temps reached the high nineties. Why didn't they come early in the morning when it was cooler outside? Here they're leveling the ground.

And they're beginning to lay the blocks beginning in the corner under the faucet (lower right of picture).

And they're done! But it's dirty!!! Ewww...

A couple of hours later, I rinsed the blocks off some. They're still really dirty but you can just see the mix of colors and patterns. Hey, we live in the country; the chickens don't care if we've used recycled blocks mixed with a few new ones.

And now I'm off to watch a movie with my beloved before hitting the sack for the night. I have another early morning tomorrow with our monthly Dogwood guild meeting. It's a workshop day. I think I'll take my green and yellow fabrics with me and see if I can sew up a few more blocks - without Callie's help this time!

See ya later -



  1. Love the blocks and the patio!!

    1. Thank you, Rachel! The patio is actually more useful than beautiful. After all, who needs beauty when we have more cats, dogs, and chickens than we do neighbors? But as least now I can get from the front door to my car without wading through dirt, rocks, and chicken droppings. Yeah!


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