Friday, July 13, 2012

Finished quilt top

Well, I finished another quilt top this evening. It was too dark to take a photo of it, but here is the picture from the unfinished projects page. This is the same Turning Twenty Mystery Quilt pattern as the Harvest Quilt that I finished last month. All this quilt needed was some borders. Now I need a back for it, and I can send it to Mom for quilting.  When I get a chance, I will take a photo of the finished top and post it. I'll be traveling for a while, so I'm not sure if I will get that photo before I leave or not. Right now it's hard to take a quilt outside to photograph because of all of the ants. With this hot, very dry weather, the ant population has exploded. So has the grasshopper population, but not on our property - chickens, remember? Chickens are great for keeping down the grasshoppers, but not so great at sucking up ants. They're too small to peck! : )

I'll catch you later!


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