Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New material and a surprise from Ladybug...

I'm sitting here in my darkened sunroom, listening to Phil Collins and trying to remember where all of the keys are on my keyboard so that I don't have to turn on a light. I've been preparing lots of photos to show you, but suddenly I hear a noise outside and go to investigate...

Ugh! My thoughts are now completely scattered. I have to tell you about Ladybug before I can get back on track.

As you know we just added a rather eclectic patio outside of our sunroom (Yes, I know it's still dirty. We're in a drought, and I don't want to wash it.). Well, Ladybug firmly believes that we built it just for her comfort.

Bug (I know. You'd think we'd call her Lady for short, but there it is.) has taken over my garden cart for her bedroom. Well, every day since we built the patio, Bug has brought us one and sometimes two "presents" to express her DEEP appreciation for her new quarters. Remember, folks, we live out in the country. Rats and voles are in plentiful supply. We've been thanking her very politely, then throwing the dead bodies into the field. Okay, my husband has been throwing them. You don't think I'm going to touch them do you?

A few minutes ago, I heard Bug crying loudly outside of the door. I thought the  stray cat we saw the other night had come back, so I went outside with some extra food so that Bug wouldn't have to share. Huh, no cat. Just as I was about to turn back to the house, Bug popped out at my feet and meowed at me. Unfortunately, her mouth was full at the time, and she dropped something that scampered under the garden cart. Bug frantically went dashing after it. After some minutes of dashing back and forth, she chased her prey into the corner by the water dish. She pounced and then came trotting proudly back to me. So here's me thinking she learned her lesson and would hold onto her dinner this time. What I didn't understand was that she had originally been crying to get me to come out while her present was still fresh and full of life and energy! For the second time she tried dropping her offering at my feet. This time the darn, scampering thing ran straight for my feet!!! It's after dark...I'm squinting in the light coming from the house to try to see what's get the picture. My husband didn't hear my scream since he had the TV turned up too loudly to try to drown out my Phil Collins, but I'm quite certain the neighbors wondered if my husband had finally given in to temptation and was murdering me!

You know, I appreciate love, I really do. And I love the fact that my pets want to show how much they love me too, but....aaaauuuuggghhhh!!!! Oh now wait a minute. I can't believe you're thinking that... You want to know what the scampering little creature was, don't you? Did I mention it was after dark?? Bare feet?? Do you really think I stopped to ask it its NAME???

Okay. Deep breath. All right, yes, followed by a deep swig from a margarita to steady my nerves. Now, wasn't I going to tell you something about some new fabrics? Yes, I was! Yes. Fabrics.

After the Dogwwod guild meeting Monday, I talked Mom into going with me to one of my favorite quilt shops, Sager Creek Quilts and Yarnworks (visit them here: They had posted pictures of some yummy new fabric they had gotten in, and I just had to check it out. Now those of you who have been following me for a while know that I have not bought my usual loads of fabrics in quite a while (as in, more than a week or two - lol). I caved. Big time. But it was worth it! Just look here:

First, some luscious peach batik.

My dear sister is trying not to vomit, but I LOVE this mustard-colored paisley fabric. AND it was half off! I hate to admit that this is the third time I've bought this fabric. I still haven't used the first two purchases, but it was half off!

Now to the reason for my visit to the store in the first place. I HAD to have this black floral with matching border fabric. Isn't it RICH?

The light fabric on the left is a coordinating fabric from the same line. The other two are some of the fabrics that I bought to go along. And yes, there is aubergine in the black fabric; you just can't see it in the photo.

The rest of the fabrics that I bought to go along. The white looking fabric on the left is actually cream. You can get a better idea of the actual color in the next photo.

All of my coordinating fabrics together. Anyone know a good pattern calling, two, three... eight fabrics and a border?

Four fat quarters I picked up a couple months ago.

I'm so totally in love with this pair! Mom bought the same combo, so we're going to have to come up with a competition. How fun!

Whew! My margarita is gone, and I'm out of pictures. I guess that means it's bed time. Goodnight everyone!


  1. Ok first... no vomitting. Actually like the fabric it all depends on what you pair it with. Your insanity is wellfounded because the black floral is to die for. I am even looking forward to the competition for the ugliest quilt between you and mom.

    1. Yes, pairing it is the challenge. I haven't even tried finding coordinating fabrics yet. But when I do, it's going to be gorgeous! What do you mean UGLIEST quilt? Mom and I both LOVE that combo. You just wait. We'll come up with some great quilts! And we'll give them to your kids just for spite! LOL


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