Saturday, July 7, 2012

Well, I enjoyed my day at the Dogwood guild. It was nice to spend time with friends. One of the women found a lost kitten, but I'm sad to say I could not take it home with me. Sinbad is finally improving both physically and mentally (we finally have him off all of his medicine), and I don't want to chance upsetting him and causing a relapse. Someone else is trying to find it a good home. Anyone need a kitten?

Interesting phenomenon - I find that when I'm sewing with friends, I can sew for hours AND GET NOTHING DONE! What is with that? One would think that I would have something to show for about four hours of work, but nope. Nary a thing. I find the same thing happens to me at retreats too. Anyone else have this problem?

Tomorrow my husband and I intend to go to the movies to see Spiderman. Maybe we'll kidnap Mom and take her with us. Either way, I don't anticipate being able to show anything tomorrow either. Maybe the next day.

Until then,

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