Friday, September 21, 2012

Minor ear adjustment

You may recall that in my last post I mentioned a small ear mishap with my latest owl. It seems that I forgot to sew on his ears before I sewed on his face! Oops. That meant that I had to unsew a large enough area to allow me to slip in the ears, sew them down and replace the face.

Here is the completed right ear. I notice that I even sewed in a little something extra - a little cat hair on top of his head just above his face (you can just see it about an inch to the left of the ear). This owl gets embroidered eyelashes, so it will be finished later.

Since I gave some purple fabric to Mom to complete her Day and Night quilt that I showed you last week, she decided to thank me with some new purple fabric she found on sale the the Rabbit's Lair in Rogers, AR. Isn't it absolutely beautiful? One of these days I'll go back to taking pictures with a real camera instead of my phone and you can get a better sense of color. I don't have any concrete plans for this fabric yet, but I know I will find it the perfect quilt home sometime soon! Mom bought the whole bolt, so we shared it with six yards each. Mom already has hers made into a back for her Day and Night quilt. She had been wondering what to use when walah! There it was! The perfect piece of fabric!

I have finished another owl since I took these picture. This latest one is on a nest. I rather messed up the eggs it's "sitting" on, so I may try to fix those before I take a photo to show you.

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