Sunday, September 16, 2012

THREE new finishes! And not one of them mine...

Five of us signed up for a class to learn Eleanor Burns' Day and Night pattern from Sharon at Guthrie's Fabrics in Colcord, OK. I have heard from four of us students - guess which one of those four has not yet finished her quilt top? Yep. Me. But I have photos of the other three!

Stephen and his mom both signed up for the class and Stephen just sent me photos of both of their quilts.

This is Stephen's block on the day of the class. Lovely, isn't it?

Here is the finished quilt top. Great job, Stephen! I love the motion that these colors bring to this quilt.

Stephen's mom, Ruth (I hope I'm remembering her name correctly), chose a quiet, elegant approach to the same quilt. Here is her first block.

And here is her quilt top on the long arm machine. Just lovely! Maybe we'll get an update when it's finished. I'd love to see what the borders look like. Thanks for sharing these photos, Stephen. : )

The last Day and Night quilt top finish is Mom's. Looks a little different from the other two, doesn't it? Mom ran into my favorite situation when making this quilt - she ran out of purple fabric. Redesign time! How fun!

First, Mom picked out a different, complimentary purple fabric. Next, she used the scraps from the pattern (you're supposed to use them for a wall hanging) to make a small center rectangle. She surrounded that with the second purple fabric and then started sewing on the actual Day and Night blocks.

Then she started on borders and matching pillow and foot panels, again using the scraps.

The colors in the upper photos are truer than the one below, but I wanted to show the entire quilt top laid out. (Should I mention that once she was finished, she found a yard of the original purple fabric that she had apparently mislaid? No. I'll keep that secret.)

Here are the two blocks that don't have matching finishing photos. We may never see the finish for the first block (unfortunately), but the second is mine. I'll get it finished some day. I have 20 blocks sewn together so far.

We've had rain for the last two days, so we're finally starting to see some green for the first time since May. Of course it's almost fall now...

We took the dogs for a walk and saw a few flowers and lots of poisonous toadstools.

Those toadstools popped up overnight. And in some strange places. Yes, that's exactly what that looks like. Yuk.

And here's a pretty little flower that we saw along the way. I'll take flowers any time I can get them.

I'll try to get some more owl quilt photos for you soon. I ran into a little problem with some ears. Don't ask...

Until later,

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