Monday, September 24, 2012

When will I learn? Sigh...

Last Thursday, my wonderful Busy Bees friends helped me chose the right colors for this next owl. I love the belly swirls! The pink base went down well. I was pleased with it. The belly also went on beautifully.

The eyes went on wonderfully. Again, I was pleased. Until... I got my little owl completely finished and realized that, once again, I had forgotten its beak! No problem. One beak to add.

Shoot. This beak was supposed to have gone on before the blue part of the eyes. I keep forgetting to check my piece numbers and sew them on IN ORDER!

The blue, the green inner eye (not shown), and the pupil (also not shown) were now all in the way. I had to remove the right eye entirely (I got the beak on slightly crookedly and had to make adjustments). Now I have the blue part resewn, and tonight I have to resew the lovely green. When I'm done, - again - I'll take a photo of the finished owl. It's really cute.

Next comes a rather complicated owl, and I'm still picking out colors. It may be a while before you see any progress on it.

In the meantime, I also spent quite a lot of time this weekend sewing on my Day and Night quilt. I have 24 blocks sewn together. I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to shoot for the entire 42 (6 x 7) or stop at 30 (5 x 6). It depends on how well my green fabric holds out. I'm already trying to come up with original ideas for the borders. Let's see, what do I want...?

For my kitty loving friends, Sinbad is now on an allergy testing diet. This means that he has to eat synthetic food for at least two months and see if he stops scratching and overgrooming. Fortunately, he LOVES the duck and green pea fake dry food. He has needed some persuading over the venison and green pea canned food, though. He finally ate a good portion of it this morning.

The other cats are still on their regular food (except for the yummy canned food - if Sinnie can't have any, neither can they . He would know!). I feed Sinnie in the sunroom and close the door until the others have finished their food and I can let him out without fear of his stealing their food. It's actually working remarkably well so far. I have my fingers crossed that he'll start showing some improvement soon. I'll take belly shots if he ever grows some hair back!

Until then,

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