Monday, September 10, 2012

More owl progress...

Hoppy Monday, everyone!

As you can see, we received some much needed rain over the weekend. I found this happy hoppy toad in a storage container my husband had put outside. What a nice froggy smile this little fellow has as he enjoys the rain! : )

Now, on to owl progress... As you may remember, this was the stopping point the last time I worked on my owl wallhanging. I was not happy with the eyes on my colorful owl. I thought they would tone down his colors, but instead they almost washed him out. And I could barely see his beak! Not to worry - Sis to the rescue! My sister told me in no uncertain terms that I needed to strip off his face and start again. Done!

First, to the face stripping. If you don't find this picture disturbing, you must be a Picasso fan! It makes me shudder! Poor owl!

Once I got the inner eyes removed, I chose a bright blue for contrast against the lime green markings. I liked this much better. My circles weren't TOO wobbly. My work is still very inconsistent. Practice, practice, practice.

Definitely looking brighter!

Next, for the inner layer of his eyes. I'm not sure this was the best choice, but here it is. It's still on the bright side and carried through some of the orange in his "plumage," but it's a trifle wilder in pattern than I should have used. Oh well.

And I love his beak! Isn't this brown beak so much more visible than the orange one was? This is a far more interesting face. I think Colorful Owl is pleased.

Next door is my toned down owl. I got his face finished and added his wings. I love how these colors work together.

Add a face, and wah lah! One cute little calm looking owl. I really like the white portion of his eyes. Maybe I should have tried that on Colorful Owl... Oh well, too late now. I'm definitely not tearing him out again! Unfortunately, you can see that I did a much better job of keeping the green part of his eyes round on the left side than on the right. I might try to redo that one. Or maybe not.

Here are our two buddies completed. I do like their beaks. Now on to the little owl on the left. I feel some green coming on. Unfortunately, when I view the entire wall hanging, my owls all seem to be tipping in toward the tree trunk. Either they're drunk or I am. ; )  Maybe it won't look so pronounced when I get some owls on the other side of the quilt. So far, I have only worked on the left side of the tree.

 Okay, so I couldn't resist adding two more African Violets to my collection. The first photo actually washed out the colors of the flowers. They are really much deeper and richer in color than in the photo. Maybe I can get a better picture another time.

More hoppy grins as you leave to do your own quilting...

And remember to take it easy and enjoy the day.

 Until later,

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