Thursday, February 14, 2013

My latest distraction...

What did I put in my new organizer? Why, thank you very much for asking, Rachel!

Let's see... hmmm... 20 drawers....

  • one large tape measure along with assorted small tools of a "fix it" nature
  • a whole slew of free printed patterns, "store bought" Craftys printed patterns, and hand written instructions on how to do complicated "quilty" things (thanks, Mom)
  • one purple feather boa (don't ask)
  • packaged quilt patterns
  • buttons
  • needles - hand sewing only (my sewing machine needles are in my sewing cabinet)
  • beads
  • beads
  • more beads - yes, I have LOTS of beads.
  • small stencils
  • extra pin cushions
  • ribbons
  • ribbons
  • um, more ribbons - yes, okay, I have LOTS of ribbons as well.
  • ummm...stuff
  • more stuff...
  • ...other stuff I can't remember...
Great. Now I'm going to have to go home and look in all of those drawers. I think I see a label painting day in my future. I have the paints and the paintbrushes. That's the good thing about shabby chic - after I paint labels on all of those drawers to remind me what I put in them, I can always sand off the labels and paint something else if I change the contents. Shabby chic is all about painting and sanding and looking used. Good heavens! By that definition, I'M shabby chic!

Well, this should help me put off sewing on rod pockets and labels for a few more days... Thanks, Rachel!

See you post paint-day!

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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  1. LOL, always happy to step in with a distraction!! Sounds like it fits lots of stuff! That is great!


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