Sunday, February 24, 2013


Just a quick post to brag that I've "mostly" finished two more quilts.

I finished the binding on my owl quilt for the quilt show, but I still have the label and the rod pocket to add to the back.

I've also finished about a third of the binding on the pink, white, and blue quilt. Again, I still need a label.

I'm refusing to look behind me or to my left where four more quilts are lurking, waiting to be bound and labeled. Just think, when I get those finished, I'll have finished seven (incluidng the baby quilt I finished last week) of the 30 quilts on my To Do List for 2013. YEAH! I have quite a few more very close to being finished. It'll be so nice to have a lot of projects out of my sewing room. And piling up on beds...and couches...and hanging racks...and the floors... Oh, my. No wonder I've been avoiding finishing them!

After I've completely finished these two projects, I think I'll step away from binding and work on something else for a while. Let's see. That leaves me 23 other projects to choose from. Which one will it be? I'll let you know when I decide... : )


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