Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Organization, lovely organization...

I just love organization. I could sit and look at organization for hours without actually feeling the need to get my hands dirty with it. That being said, I love to buy organizational tools. And look at them. And admire them. (Sigh) And, occasionally, to use them. I hope to do the latter with my latest acquisition.
I was at Hobby Lobby when I found this shabby chic paper sorter. At least I imagine that is what it is supposed to be. It is the perfect size for storing scrapbooking papers. Of course, that's not why I coveted it. I need it for STUFF! Quilty stuff!

I bought my new organizer last night and lugged it into the house and into my sewing room by myself (puff, puff!). It's not heavy, but I am, so it wound up being a struggle either way. : )  Of course, once I got it into the room, I needed help getting it into its new location. As soon as my husband got home, I conned him into helping me get everything situated to my satisfaction. (The above photo was taken before I got the new cabinet into place.) Isn't it beautiful? All of those drawers... (swoon!). Just think about all of the STUFF I can put in those drawers - all 20 of them! Okay, I admit it. I already had almost every drawer occupied before my husband even got home to help me move it (blush).

Of course, now I can't show you any part of the rest of my sewing room, as the corner over which my new organizer presides used to contain a four-high shelving unit. Everything on those shelves is now scattered throughout the room. Just a-lookin' for a home, just a-lookin' for a hooome... Ahem.

Of course, now that I'm "organizing" my room, I've managed to put off sewing labels and rod pockets on my entries for the forthcoming local quilt show. Do you think that little derailment could have been deliberate since I HATE sewing on labels and rod pockets? No, surely not.

But I do have a finish...!

I've finished sewing the binding on my niece's baby quilt. Yes, yes, I do still need to sew a label on it. I'll get right on that...

But in the meantime, have you seen my ORGANIZER?



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    1. Thanks, Trish. I thought you might like that. It's quirky, isn't it?

  2. Love the cabinet! I am FAMOUS (seriously!) for starting a reorganization in order to avoid something, so I was literally laughing out loud as I read this! So, inquiring minds (yeah, some call it nosey)want to know what made it into the drawers?

    1. Rachel, thanks for asking about my drawers (did that sound strange to you as well?). Anyway, I've decided to share my list with the world - or at least that part of the world that cares about reading my blog. See today's post for my drawer content list.


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