Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Quilt show entries and misc.

Well, it's quilt show time again. Every two years we choose to deliberately stress ourselves out relive happy quilting memories trying to decide which of our creations is most likely to win a ribbon not embarrass us too badly in front of our competition peers. To that end, we spend countless hours agonizing poring happily over our choices and leave ourselves precious little time to sew on labels and rod pockets. Thus adding to the stress pleasure of the experience by running us ragged challenging us in the last few weeks before the show. Which is where I am now. Stressed. I mean, happily anticipating. 
I shared my show choices a couple of days ago, so here are Mom's. These photos were taken only to show the color of the quilts (for the entry registration), so they are definitely not the best pics. I'll take better ones at the show in April.
 Wall hanging
 Night and Day queen sized quilt
 Haven't the faintest idea what the pattern is, but isn't it beautiful? And big.
 Small wall hanging
 Lovely friendship signature quilt from quilting friends.
In her spare time (ha, ha), Mom agreed to quilt more of my tops for me. This is a good thing., right? So why am I sitting here feeling gloomy about it? Well, I now have FIVE quilts waiting at my house for binding. That's a lot of binding. I also have three more tops waiting for me to make the backings so that they can get quilted, too. Oh my. 

Didn't Mom do a fantastic job with her quilting? She's getting more adventurous every day. I guess my giving her so many quilts to practice on has been a good thing, right, Mom? Mom? Are you still there, Mom? Mom??????

Maxie presided over the taking of the photographs. Which is why I had to take wonky photos. I didn't want to make her mad by covering her, so I had to work around her.

The back of the quilt. And below are photos of the quilting taken from the back.

Maxie feigning disinterest in the whole proceedings. And yes, the quilt underneath her is one of the quilts currently waiting for binding, thank you for pointing that out. And here was me, thinking I had accidentally misplaced that one.

And just because I rarely post photos of my dogs, here is an old photo of two of my four dogs. Belle is the larger one in this photo. Three years ago she "found" a puppy who had been abandoned and brought the little one home. She named her new charge Muffin.

We told Belle she could keep her new puppy as long as she raised the baby as her own and taught her good manners.  
And so the lessons began. And the puppy grew...
 And grew...
And grew...
And grew. My, how quickly those young ones grow up, huh, Belle?

And then one day they turn on you! Run, Belle!
 A year later, these two were still the best of friends, even though Belle was considerably outweighed by her over-100-lb former charge. This photo was taken after a long, happy day demolishing their beds and strewing the remains all over the yard.

And, not to be left out, they were joined by their little accomplice in mischief, Butch (on the left).

 Sinnie gives his best disapproving glare. Baaad doggies!

And so the happy doggies (another old photo of Muffin at about half her current size) wander off into the sunset with their favorite human...

And Maxie wishes you all a good day. Meows to all!

See you soon,


  1. The choices are awesome! LOVE the "progression" of the pups and the stories the furbabies told!

  2. Love this post!! That first wall hanging is gorgeous and your mum's quilting is incredible! I have a hard enough time just going in straight lines.... and I've never even tried free-motion sewing: as soon as that foot's raised I panic!

    1. Thanks, Chloe. I tremble at even the thought of free-motion quilting myself. I have done it, but I didn't really enjoy it. I don't have the creativity or the courage. I prefer good old stitch-in-the-ditch! lol


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