Thursday, January 10, 2013

Backings done and finishings in progress...

The first week of January I handed off one of my quilt tops to Mom to quilt for me. I'm afraid I don't have the patience, talent, or interest that she does. Anyway, she got that one done and back to me so that I could show it at Dogwood on January 5. I still need to bind it, but I'm trying to remember just where I put the binding material for that quilt. It's around here somewhere...

Anyway, I have since dropped off two more quilt tops and backs to be quilted. I hope she expected retirement to be this busy. She only thought she was finished working for other people. : ) Thanks, Mom!

I have also chosen the backing for one more top. I have two more tops waiting for backs after that. (Don't tell Mom, though. She may run away and hide when she hears.) Of course, the big problem is just building up. Binding. : ( I'm going to be binding quilts for months at this rate! Which is REALLY a problem because our regional quilt show is coming up in April. I need to have quilts finished and ready to turn in by the beginning of March. I'm going to enter two of the bed quilts that I've finished already (just have to decide which ones). I also want to finish my owl wall hanging and enter it (which means I'd better find my embroidery thread for those eyes!). Adding to the list, I need to make two small quilts for the small quilt auction. I don't even have ideas yet!!! I had a baby quilt that I had planned on donating, but then my niece announced that she's expecting again in March, so...

On the critter side, I received a Linked-In story regarding quilts donated to pet shelters in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. If you'd like to read it, I have included a link to the story -


What a wonderful idea! The story includes a link to patterns for pet blankets that can be donated as well as a link to find shelters in your area who would like to receive these pet quilts. We all know that our pets love our quilts, but have you thought of sharing with pets who don't have loving families to provide them with the warmth that only a quilt can convey? I think I shall have to consider making some of these. It's not like I don't have the fabric for it... And I do love pets... I would bring them all home with me if I could (which is why I currently have five cats and four dogs), but I'm pretty much out of room. A few quilts seems like the least I can do.

Speaking of pets, here's my gratuitous kitty photo. Sinbad was enjoying his heater, as usual, when Maxie asked to join him. Sinbad is usually pretty selfish with his favorite things (and he and Maxie have always had a rather contentious relationship anyway), but he is beginning to learn to share. Not only did he let Maxie join him, but he actually LET HER TOUCH HIM! In fact, he let her rest her head on his side and go to sleep!!! Will wonders never cease? Thank you, Sinbad, for not scratching your sister's eyes out.

I'll let your know how the whole backing/binding/finishing thing goes as I rush to complete all of those 2012 UFOs that I promised myself I would finish.

Until then,


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  1. Your cats are lovely, but your quilts are amazing! Well done & what a great mother you have!! ;-)


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