Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yippee! I won! I won!

Hurray! I won the Dogwood Guild's Git 'er Done challenge for 2012!

There were 16 of us participating, and I finished more than anyone else did. : ) Which also makes me feel guilty. : (

It seems that Mom and JM and I were tied for the most completions when we arrived at the meeting. I turned in three more finishes and took the lead. So why do I feel guilty? Because the reason Mom didn't win is that she was too busy doing all of my quilting! Even simple quilting takes a full day or more. Those were days she could have been working on her own projects. Sorry, Mom.

Okay, enough apologizing. Let me show you what I won...

The ribbon actually means a lot to me because it was made by a friend as an ugly fabric challenge at a Eureka! guild retreat. The retreat was organized by John and Martha Warren of Eureka. On January 1 of this year John passed away. I found out this week that Martha passed on December 31. John passed on the first day of the year and his wife on the last. I'm not going to miss 2012. All of the materials for the ribbon were from their shop. I'll think of them whenever I see it.

I also won a pack of machine quilting needles and a rotary cutter blade. I can use both of these!

All of us participants were given a card to brag about our achievement. Both the ribbon and the card have labels reading "This took forever." These may have to go on a couple of my finishes! : )

I also won a $25 gift certificate to Sager Creek Quilt and Yarnworks in Siloam Springs. Thanks Cliff and Pam! You KNOW I can use this!

I've started a new page as of today labeled 2013 To-Do List. Dogwood is renewing its Get 'er Done challenge for this year. Great! I still have lots of finishes to go. The unfinished 2012s will remain on my list, but I'm adding several more that I either started this year or found after I turned in my list last year. I had to move the pages to the right-hand side of my blog since there was only a limited number of pages that would show across the top. I didn't know that and had added two pages earlier this year that never showed up. Now you can see several new pages!

I'm still adding to the photos on my 2013 page since I'm having trouble adding photos to my blog. I didn't have this problem in 2012, but with this, my first photo post in 2013, I've lost my browser button to add photos from my computer! Maybe it'll come back later. In the meantime, I've figured out a way around the problem. Unfortunately, it took me so long to figure it out and the process itself takes so long, that it's already my bedtime. I'll try to finish updating it tomorrow. Good night for now everyone.


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  1. Me and mom have the same problems lost the upload button on our blog. I don't know if it is a software problem or if we hit max picture storage. We now use a photo holst for the pics.

    Congrats on the win.

    I just finished one from a last fall class myself.


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