Monday, January 28, 2013

Quilt show entries

It's almost time for our bi-annual quilt show at Q.U.I.L.T. of NWA. Our show is the second week of April, so the show chairs are calling for our entry forms within the next month. We can only enter two quilts per category so that no one can sweep all three top ribbons in any one category. Not that that would be likely for me, of course, but I can dream. ; )
So here are my two entry selections for pieced bed quilt.
I've completed several bed-sized quilts since our last show in 2011 (entries must have been completed since the last show), but these two are the ones that Mom and my husband deemed to be of the most interest to viewers. Since I do not enter with any expectations of winning, I choose my quilts based on the most interesting designs. My quilts are all made to be used rather than admired. : )
Below is my entry for mixed-techniques large wall-hanging. This is the quilt I made when learning how to applique in 2012. My technique is not great, but my friends will get a kick out of seeing that I tried. I have had a long-running allergy to even attempting applique before now. 

If I get my owl quilt finished before the entry deadline, I may try to enter it in the appliqued large wall-hanging category. Unfortunately, since I am pretty set in my ways, I don't have enough variety in my quilt styles or sizes to have entries in other categories. Maybe in the future.

Anyway, now I have to make and sew on sleeves for each of these quilts so that they can be hung. Sewing on sleeves is tedious work, but it's the only way my quilts are going to make it into the show (and the wall-hanging needs a sleeve anyway), so I guess that's what I'll spend the next week doing.

I actually have some finishes to show you, but if I include them here, I won't have anything to show you tomorrow. Therefore, you'll just have to wait (giggle).

Until then,

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