Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Random quilt photos...

We're experiencing stormy weather right now, so I'm not sewing. I'm just going to post some random pictures of quilts from my past. I found these last week on a camera drive and got a blast from the past. All of these are quilts that I have made.

My first wall hanging. : ) I designed and made it for the quilt show's small quilt auction. I tried to buy it back but got outbid. I quilted it with small balls of yarn rolling around the borders. I also sewed on stray bits of string and a small pair of scissors (in the middle).

I saw the above pattern in a book, but it was made with bubble-gum pink fabrics. Yuck. I opted for creams and rich earth tones. I also added the stars in each corner (proudly displayed by Weasel, my Mom's Yorkie terrier) and the saw tooth border. Mom hand quilted it (it won third place in the hand quilting division at our quilt show in 2009) and it now lives on her bed.

This queen-sized blue quilt was a mystery quilt that I made at retreat about five years ago. It now resides with a niece.

The above quilt (the photos are of just the top-I'll have to look for a finished photo of it) actually won an honorable mention at our 2009 regional quilt show (out of 72 entries in its category). This was my first experience with floating borders. I had a lot of little pieces left over, so I just threw them into a border any old way they fit. The judge loved the look.

Mystery quilt. Looks like a Halloween special, doesn't it? I really ought to try this pattern again with different fabrics.

This was a commissioned wall hanging that I made for a co-worker. An Asian friend had sent her this beautiful fabric panel, and my co-worker wanted to give it to her granddaughter as a Christmas gift. She didn't want the finished quilt to be much larger than the original panel, so I just added the solid and saw tooth borders. Mother did a a fabulous job quilting this little gem. The granddaughter loved it.

I have more camera drives to look through, so I may be posting more finished quilt photos soon. I know that I want to share some photos of my African quilt, but I'd like it to have a post of its own. I'd love to show you the design process that went into its creation.

Well, I'm going to dodge tornados on my way home now, so wish me luck!

Until later,

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  1. Tje pictures you posted were great. I love, agree with you editing the info on preparing your quilts for the show!


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