Monday, May 28, 2012

Airing of the Quilts, Cont'.

I hope you enjoyed the photos in my last post. I have more to share with you today. We have such talented quilters in our guild. Of course, some of the photos are of antique quilts that our members own and share with us. Enjoy -

I realized that I didn't show you any photos of the displays themselves in yesterday's post. Many more quilts came in after I took these photos. We had a wonderful showing. We also had a wonderful picnic under the shade tree.

This is not the fault of my camera phone. This quilt actually is constructed with lighter fabrics on the inside and darker fabrics on the outside. Isn't it clever?

 Not great photos of the following quilts. I'm afraid the sun rather washed out the colors. These are actually beautifully colored quilts.

Isn't this a creative quilt? I love modern, mixed styles.

This is one of my favorite quilts. I LOVE the bright colors. I could never tackle this myself, but I admire anyone who can.

I love butterflies. I buy some of most fabrics that I find with butterflies. I used this same butterfly in a pink colorway in Tessie's quilt (see my Meet the Quilt Cats page... or is it in the More Quilt Cat Photos page?).

English paper piecing. LOTS of it. Another thing I can't do.

Postage stamp quilt. WOW!

And a couple for those of you who prefer needlcraft...

I finally sewed a label onto my Tonga Batik quilt. It is now finished and ready to show at my guild meetings. I really love the way it turned out. I'll show another photo of it when I can get outside with some proper lighting and my good camera.

I'm also sewing on the bindings on my Black and Blue quilt and my Harvest Time quilt. I hope to get the bindings and labels done before our June QUILT meeting so that I can show them. I still have lots of UFOs to finish, but I'm making true progress. I'll try tomorrow to get my UFO page and monthly projects section updated. I'll also add photos of my finished projects to my Quilt Time page as soon as I get some good photos of them.

In the meantime, back to work tomorrow for another three and a half weeks, then out for the summer. More Airing of the Quilt photos to come...

'Til later,

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