Monday, May 14, 2012

Introducing... Bandit!

Well, not much to report in the way of quilting for the last couple of weeks. I finally posted the grades for my spring semester on Tuesday of last week. That gave me three days off (plus the weekend) before my next semester started today. I got a little bit done on my owl quilt, finished sewing the binding to the front of my Tonga Batik quilt, finished the binding on my Red Sea quilt, and took care of some home cleaning necessities. One cleaning chore was my sewing room. I vacuumed, rearranged, and consolidated wherever I could. I actually (gasp!) threw some things away! Then I was too tired to sew!

I finished one flower on my owl quilt and am working on a second. Please remember that this wall hanging is only my second attempt at applique! I'm still learning. Remember the samplers that children made when they were learning to hand sew? That's pretty much what this is. I keep telling myself I'll get better with practice...

Here is another little consideration I had to work around during my three days off. His name is Bandit. Someone dumped this one-eyed, 2-3 year-old tom kitty out in the country, and he made his way to us. He's been around for about three weeks, and we finally resolved our trust issues enough for me to take him to the vet. He's no longer a tom kitty, so we might have trust issues starting all over again! I had him tested for all of the major kitty diseases, and he's perfectly healthy other than being blind in one eye. He's not extremely fond of being petted yet, but we're working on him. Gosh, that brings our kitty total to six! Wow, no wonder we spend so much on pet food every month!

Speaking of new pets, we had a half-dozen new chicks hatch out on Mother's Day. What timing, huh?

That's me caught up. I hope all of you are quilting, cleaning, adopting new pets, or doing whatever you do to make you happy!

'Til later,

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