Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wonky flowers...sigh.

I hate flowers.

Oh not that kind! I LOVE real flowers! I'm just having the world's worst time figuring out how to applique the darned things on a quilt. I've gotten past the "What am I doing wrong?" hand-wringing stage. I breezed right by the "Flowers aren't perfect in nature either"  justification. I briefly consoled myself with "I'm just learning" before moving on to my current philosophy of "I really don't care any more. I just want to get the darn things done."
There, I've had my little tantrum, and I'm feeling better for it.  

Aaugh! Can a flower look any wonkier than this poor thing with the mangled petals and the lopsided center?I may have to tear out those top two petals and try them again. Maybe.

This flower isn't as wonky as the pink one (as long as I ignore the totally irregular placement of the petals in relation to the center), but I don't like the color as well as I thought I would. My goodness, I'm just not satisfied with anything, am I? Maybe tomorrow's flowers will be better, right?

Meanwhile, I've been binding on my Tonga Batik quilt. I like the binding fabric. I tried many of the fabrics that I used in the quilt, but this is the only one I liked for binding.

At least I can make a nice corner. And although I did not think to take a picture of it, the back corner is just as perfect. Maybe I should give up applique and just concentrate on binding...

Why do I have a photo of my odometer reading on my blog? My little Saturn is getting ready for its 100,000 birthday! I was expecting to see the odometer reading turn before I reached school this morning, but this is what it was at when I parked it. So close! One mile away from being over the hill! Well, there's still the drive home...

Busy Bees quilt club meeting tonight. I'm anticipating a lovely, restful evening of quilting with some of my favorite friends. They forgive me all my flaws. Although I'm not sure about wonky flowers... I could be on my own there. Maybe I'll stick to finishing my binding.

'Til later,

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