Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Still grading papers. I should be finished Monday of next week. So, for your viewing pleasure, I've posted some more photos. The first is what little I've gotten done on the binding of my Red Sea quilt so far. The rest are more photos of flowers, ending with my lovely Sinbad looking very festive in his new ribbon (a cast off fabric trimming). I'll try to get some photos soon of my owl wall-hanging. I've finished the leaves and need to start on my flowers. AFTER I get done with my grading.

 Red Sea quilt binding. One corner done!

 Campanulas from Mom's garden.

 Pink peony from Mom's garden.

White peony from Mom's garden. Ignore my  freckled and liver spotted hand underneath.

 Seven Sisters rose from Mom's garden. Can you guess why it's called Seven Sisters?

 The same group of seven blossoms in one clump.

 More American Beauty rose buds from my husband's rose bush. They look almost black before they bloom.

 American Beauty blossoms. Theyre a deep, delicious red.

An arch of my Gertrude Jekyl. Just SMELL those blossoms. You'll never smell a sweeter, stronger rose, ever! Go ahead - stick your nose right up to the screen and sniff. You should be able to smell them from there.

Sinny wearing his new ribbon. Doesn't he look sweet?

'Til later,

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