Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Penultimate Airing of the Quilts

Don't you just love the word "penultimate?" The next-to-the-last installation of the Airing of the Quilts. Tonight should have been the last night, but I didn't get to post anything last night.  : (

So, on to the quilts. We start out with a familiar bow-tie pattern on this first quilt. Unfortunately, most of these photos got washed out by the sun, so you'll just have to image brighter colors on all of these quilts. Again, sorry.

I love this next quilt. If you like scrappy, this is the quilt for you.

A lovely quilt full of ladies. The recipient of this quilt should be very happy!

A couple of lovely scrap quilts.

This quilt should appeal to those of you who like the current modern style of quilting. I'm very fond of the style myself. The colors are much prettier in person. Again, washed out in my photo.

Don't you love lattice quilts? I do!

 Another modern twist. I love the color combo.

I probably already showed this quilt, but here's another in the ever popular English paper piecing style.

More lovely quilts.

I really wish I had used a better camera for these following photos. I LOVE this quilt!

The last installment tomorrow night. 'Til then,


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