Sunday, May 27, 2012

Airing of the Quilts

Finally. I'm getting caught up enough on things to start blogging regularly again. I hope you like lots of photos of quilts because I have a lot to share. This month our QUILT guild meeting was held on the lawn of a member's house. We brought some of our quilts and hung them on her fence to share with the world. Here are some of the photos.

These first photos are of some of my own quilts. This one is called Retro Asian. The blocks are Courthouse Two-Steps made in 70s retro fabrics. I set them in a burgundy Asian fabric with small flowers that match the color and feel of the retros. I bordered it with a more modern bright green and burgundy plaid. Don't ask my why. I think this is a fun quilt despite it's loud colors and disparate styles.

I have taken very few classes. This one was from Jeannie Poore and was called Grandma Addie's Star. Some of you may have seen this one before on my blog. This is one of the few scrappy quilts I've done. I love the bright blue color.

This next one is one of two sister quilts. I have finished this one but not its sis. The other one will have the same coordinating fabrics, but a blue focal fabric instead of red. I designed this quilt myself using the Lost Ships block. This was also my first attempt at mitered corners. No one told me about avoiding stripes on miters. I matched them up though! The third and fifth photos are the only ones that actually come close the the real colors.

Some random shots of the beautiful quilts that our talented members brought to show us.

Next Sunday Mom and I will be attending Miss Bonnie's 90th birthday party. Miss Bonnie made the following two quilts in the last couple of years. Mom and I donated a few fabrics for the black and white. Man, I hope I'm still sewing when I'm nearly 90!

Some more random shots.

And ending once again with some of Mom's lovely flowers.

I have a lot more pictures to share, but I don't want to tire you out with the first batch, so I'll post more later. 'Til then -


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