Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rounded Points and Pointed Rounds

Well, it's  a good thing I'm viewing this owl wall hanging as a practice piece to learn how to applique. I mean, how many of you can draw a perfect circle? If none of us can draw a perfect circle, then it's okay if I can't sew one, right?

My applique teacher has already pointed out how unpointy my leaf points are (although I'm getting better, I swear). I hate to show her how uncircular my circles are. The circles, by the way are the centers for the flowers I'm almost ready to start petaling.

These cute little footprints are some of the flower petals that will soon be making their way onto my wall hanging. They will probably be neither pointy nor round. Oh dear.

Since I just turned in the spring semester grades yesterday, I am woefully lacking in progress to show you on any of my projects, so here are some more flowers from my yard.

  A Nike clematis growing in my gingko tree.

 A Nelly Moser clematis growing in the same gingko tree.

 More of the the Nike clematis climbing higher...

and higher...

More progress to come on my owl quilt, I promise! Until then...



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Rachel. Needless to say, I did not post pictures of the worst offenders. You'll only get to see those from a distance. I have my pride, you know!


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