Friday, August 17, 2012

Day and Night...

Guess what I'm doing!

Give up? I'm starting a new project! Yep, that's right. I still have three hundred unfinished projects, and I'm starting a new one. I'm not giving up on my owls, and I'm not abandoning my Farmer's Market, and yes, I'm going to finish my pizza box quilts, but just one more tiny, queen sized project...yes? ; )
Actually, there's a reason I'm starting this new project right now. Sharon Guthrie from the wonderful Gutherie' Quilts in Colcord, OK, is offering a class this Saturday. If you haven't ever been to Guthrie's, you're missing an incredible shopping experience. The shop is hidden down a long, curved dirt road and is in an old house, but it is crammed to the rafters with incredible fabrics - especially batiks! And by the way, when I say crammed to the rafters, I really do mean crammed to the rafters. One definitely needs a ladder to reach the bolts stacked up on top of the highest shelves. What doesn't fit is placed on the floor and leaned up against the bottom shelves. If you manage to get a bolt out of a shelf, you may need a helper to get it back in again! What fun! I love shopping there.

Oh, sorry, I was supposed to be talking about my upcoming class.

Two years ago I was on a bus shop-hop trip sponsored by Sager Creek Quilts and Yarnworks (another of my favorite shops), and I won Eleanor Burns's new book (new at that time anyway) Day and Night. No, I didn't win it in a lottery. No, I didn't win it by having my name drawn from a hat. Actually, mumble, mumble, I won it by spending the most money on the trip, mumble, mumble. But you should have seen the fabrics I got! Anyway, back to Day and Night. I loved the pattern (You can see it pictured above), but I never got around to making the quilt. It requires a special ruler (provided in the book). I blush to say that if I can't make a quilt using my trusty 8 1/2" x 24 1/2" rectangular ruler and my 6 1/2" square ruler, I probably won't make it. Pretty sad, huh?

The quilt that I've shown above is the one we're going to make. It's the 4-strip, 3-color version. The queen sized quilt top takes 17 1/2 yards of fabric! That should help my stash numbers! Now if I could just decide which fabric to use... That's my assignment for tonight.

The quilters I know all tell me to take every class I can. They say they always learn something new at each class. I think I have taken...hmmmm...maybe six classes in the seven years I have been quilting. I haven't gone to a single retreat in almost two years. Yep, I think it's time for a class. And since it's only $20, who could pass it up? I conned Mom into coming with me, so there should be six of us there. My husband is off to the races with a friend tomorrow, so I have the whole day to go to class, then sew some more when I get home. I can always do the laundry on Sunday, right? And the dishes. And vacuum the floors. And get ready for the first day of school on Monday... Hmmm, maybe this is why I don't get to take classes very often...

I'll let you know how it goes. And what fabric I chose. And whether I'm ever likely to finish it. : )

Oh, did I mention I bought seven new quilt patterns on Craftsy yesterday? Well, I do have all of that fabric I need to use...

Until later,


  1. Nict to see you today, I had a good time.


  2. Thanks, Stephen. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and your mom. I hope the rest of your quilt goes as well as your blocks did today. They looked great! Maybe we'll sew together again soon at another class. I did enjoy today's. Thanks for stopping by my blog. And thanks for letting me use a photo of your block.


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