Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Owls from the toes up!

I've started my next owl. As you'll see, the colors keep getting wilder. I wonder who picks these colors anyway?!? Oh. Wait, that's me. ; )

How do you like those socks? I don't have many brown batik fabrics, so be prepared for the feet to start getting really wild.

Here're some more of the colors for this fellow. I need to sew down the head, but I wanted to work with the wing position a little first to see if it's going to be right. I think I may need to lower it a tad.

Just wait until you see what's coming for this guy's eyes! He's going to get even mor colorful. I hope that when he gets his neighbors in on either side of him, he calms down a little. Right now, I think he'd keep himself awake at night with those colors!

Until my next update, happy quilting!

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