Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day and Night quilt progress

After my class at Guthrie's Fabrics about a week-and-a-half ago, I didn't make any more of my Day and Night blocks for a few days. After a while, the guilt began to nag at me ( I swear I could hear the fabric calling my name in the night!), so I pulled it all out and began cutting strips once more. After sewing strips together, I cut them, using Eleanor Burns's hand-dandy triangle template (it comes with the book). These triangles are then sewn together into quarter-blocks like those below. 

At this point, I start matching seams. This block looks so complicated but it is a breeze! I have always steered clear of using templates because of the fabric waste, but these blocks go together so easily and look so great, that it's worth it to overcome my phobia. : )

I sewed eight blocks into two rows of four. I then tried to take a picture of the result. I got Callie's belly. I moved Callie, got glared at, and tried again.  

The picture below shows two rows of three (actually, two rows of parts of three blocks). The quilt's going to be interesting when it's all done. Certainly busy, but I really like it! You know I like bright colors!

But, of course, all good things must come to an end. Sinnie found my accent fabric on a nice, warm ironing board.

*What? Were you using this?*
 It takes very little time for Sinnie to decide to ignore me and get comfortable.

And even less time to fall soundly asleep. Well, at least I got some bocks finished before he showed up. I'll try again tonight.

We finally got some rain in my little corner of the world. The zinnias in Mom's garden appreciated it. So did the beautiful little butterfly that refused to be budged from his flowers!

I took these photos with my camera (of course), so I realize the last photo is fuzzy, but just because the butterfly refused to leave the garden didn't mean he cooperated by actually holding still!

We are expecting to get more rain thanks to the remains of the hurricane in Louisiana, so maybe my own garden will revive a little. Let's just hope we don't flood!

Until later,

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  1. Looks great, mine is done mom's just lacks borders.

    Your blog won't let me embed the pics or use HTML code.


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