Monday, August 13, 2012

Owl progress -

How embarrassing. I was so proud of getting my bright blue owl finished. Isn't he adorable?

It was two days before I noticed what was missing. Poor little Blue couldn't even tell me what he was missing. Have you noticed yet? His beak! The poor thing can't even hoot!

So here he is with his new beak. Okay, so it's a little crooked. At least he can hoot now. I will probably take it off and reapply it later; I just couldn't bring myself to do it immediately. I really needed to see some more progress before I started to tear out. So here's some progress...

Mama Owl and Owlet starting to take shape.

What big eyes you have!

Mostly finished. Baby still needs a new pair of shoes, but Mama Owl is finished. Again, she has a crooked toe, but I seem to have so much trouble with those extra tiny pieces! I need to practice holding them still when I work on them. Oh well, that's what this whole pieces is about after all. It's supposed to be a learning experience. When I'm finally finished with this wallhanging, I'm going to be an expert appliquer! Especially if I tear out all of my mistakes and reapplique them. I could still be working on this project next decade. ; )

I should have Owlet's toes on tonight. Then I can get started with the next owl up. I already have the pieces cut out and ready to go! I'll share progress again later.

Til then,

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