Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hello! How have you been? Butch has been worried about you. (Just imagine that your face has been licked in greeting; my camera was.)     : )

Sinnie has been sitting in his favorite seat watching all of the bustling back and forth today. All of that sewing equipment out - all of that sewing equipment back in. What on Earth could Mama be up to? Well, you may remember that I told you yesterday that Mom and I would be going to a Day and Night sewing class at Guthrie's Fabric in Colcord, OK, today. We did, and it was tremendous fun! I made three new quilting friends, including a mother and son duo! How fun - two mother and child combos in one small class.

Okay, I promised to show you the fabrics that I chose for my quilt. I needed three fabrics for this quilt, so I, of course, narrowed it down to eight. Sigh. Decisions are not one of my strengths. Mom affirmed my three favorites as the best combination, so these are the ones I took. And no putting on sunglasses! Just squint like the rest of us. The fabric on the far right, by the way, is not yellow. It is a brilliant, eye-watering chartreuse. I love it! My mom and my husband both said that it was an irredeemably ugly fabric that could never be made beautiful. Oh ye of little faith. I'll show you my block in a minute.

 I'll be using some combination of these fabrics in the borders. The fabric on the left is actually a dark green that matches the darker green in the floral fabric above. How can colors get so terribly distorted? You'll just have to trust me. It's very pretty. And very green.

Now, on to today's blocks. Remember that we were making Eleanor Burns's Night and Day quilt. The five of us quilters all made totally different looking blocks. It's incredible how the same pattern can look so different with different fabrics!

This block was made by the son of the other mother-child duo. He has only been quilting for less than a year (and no, he's not a child - in fact, he's a veteran). Gee, I wish my early quilts had looked that great! Isn't this a great color combo? The completed quilt is going to be quite striking. I hope I get to see it some day. How cheerful it's going to look with its little pops of red! He's doing a fantastic job.

This next block was made by his mother. Instead of a bright accent color, she chose a lovely, muted print. What a difference in styles! With the classic cream and black motif, this quilt will be elegant and understated when completed. I hope she uses the print in one of the borders to pull it through and let it stand on its own a little. I'd love to see it in all its glory. Again, I would love to see a picture of this one completed some day. The same black-and-white-style theme as her son's, but so different!

Now here was the surprise of the day. The woman who chose these fabrics is a more experienced quilter, but I admit I was surprised by her choice of the calico as her light color instead of the white. I was really interested to see how it would turn out. I must admit, the lady knew what she was doing! While the other blocks emphasis the star in the middle of the block, this selection emphasises the pinwheel effect. The white pinwheel really spins in the center of the red pinwheel! This finished quilt should really have some movement to it! Oh, for a photo of the finished project... It will be a very stong looking quilt.

Sadly, I got sidetracked and forgot to get a photo of Mom's block, but don't worry. She can't escape my camera. I know where she lives! He fabric choices include a cream polka dot, a deep purple pinpoint polka dot, and a lovely creamy pink. I WILL get to see her finished quilt - and so will you, later. But I'll settle for a block photo in the meantime.

Okay, so how did mine turn out? Not too badly. The pattern is much easier to follow than I expected, although the cutting is a little tricky thanks to having to cut around a complete triangle template. But it goes together like a dream! Who would have thought it? I look forward to getting more blocks completed so that I can see how it's going to look put together. I'm definitely going to like it, but of course I LOVE bright colored quilts! I'll keep you posted on progress, but since this is UFO number 301, don't hold your breath on my finishing it this week!

Well, Butch wants to thank you for stopping by to visit. He hopes you had a good time and will come by for a face washing again sometime soon!
Until later,

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