Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wraps ups and Previews

Sorry I've been a little absent yet again this week. I have another two weeks of summer classes before I'm out, so I don't have a lot of time to post or a lot of time to quilt interesting things to show you. At least not yet. And no, I'm not willing to adopt another cat just to have more pet pictures to post!   

Well, actually...okay, just a small kitten if it comes my way...  ; )

Since I'm sneaking some post time at work (I'm actually all caught up in my research - yeah!), I'm posting Mom's photos from the Airing of the Quilts last month. I know that I've missed photos of some of the last quilts, but they're on my computer at home, so...

Anyway, here is a photo of a Disappearing Nine Patch pattern that Mom taught at Quilt Congress in Rogers, AR, last year. She was getting bored of teaching and using the same pattern, so she decided to set the pattern on point. I absolutely adore the way this quilt turned out. Of course, it could just be those lovely purples that have won my heart!

Mom makes many, many kids' quilts to donate to local charities, and that's where this adorable panel quilt is going. What cute animals. I'm sure some child will love this simple, but heart-warming quilt. On the left is the itty bitty quilt that Mom made in her Itty Bitty Quilt group. The center is a sweet fawn set in a square-in-a-square pattern. Around it is tiny nine patches that I would not like to try to duplicate. Tiny! I'm sorry I didn't get a good close up of this quilt.  

This scrappy quilt is one of Mom's personal favorites. We did a scrappy star quilt as one of our Stash Buster challenge quilts last year. This one helped her use up a LOT of scraps. I think that's why she liked it so well - it diminished her scrap heap a bit.

Cliff from Sager Creek Quilts challenged Mom with this lady bug fabric. You may have seen the Grouchy Ladybug fabric based on the children's story. Or you may not. Anyway, the ladybugs on this fabric looked so grouchy that they frightened off prospective buyers. Cliff gave Mom a panel with the challenge of using the fabric in a non-frightening way. Mom cut off the grouchy faces and replaced them with calmer visages. She then placed them on flowers and let the babies fly! Good job, Mom.

Now, a couple of previews...

Here is a preview of Mom's current project. She made these stars in a Hunter's Star class at Sager Creek. She couldn't decide what to do with them, so she decided to place some of them on point and mix them around in a scattered pattern. This will be fun to see finished. Here she is auditioning placement on the red background. This was not the final setting she chose. She's working hard, so I should have finished photos soon!

I just showed this photo last week. It's from the Airing of the Quilts. This is one of two "sister" quilts that I designed several years ago. This quilt is the first one to get finished (finally - a month or two ago).

The quilt below is its sister - the same pattern, the same coordinating fabrics, and the same window setting. There are two differences in these quilts - the focal fabric and the borders. The focal fabric above has a lot of red while the focal fabric below uses a lot of blues. Again, identical quilts and coordinating fabrics (although different green sashing fabrics), but different borders. The top quilt uses a matching border fabric that I happened to find in Pennsylvania (what luck!), the bottom quilt uses left over half-square triangles from the blocks. Here I'm auditioning possible border patterns. What do you think of this one?

This is a Get 'R Done project for this year, so I should (hopefully) have the top done soon and can show you what I decided for a finish.

I just had to show you the lovely plant I bought for Mom for Mother's Day last month. It looks lovely in her front garden. It will also be great for cut flower arrangements indoors later on!

And I felt in the mood for a kitty fix. Here's one of my favorite photos of Sinbad (stolen from my Quilt Cats page). He always has to check out any new fabric purchases. That's my boy! Sniff out that fabric!

Until later,


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