Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Excuse number 437...

I decided last night that I really MUST get the bindings put on the four (or is it five?) queen/king quilts that I have finished and waiting. That was my plan. I cut the 2" binding strips for my Red Sea Scrolls quilt. So far, so good. But then I decided that I needed to look at the quilt for just a moment before I started sewing my strips together. I don't even remember WHY I needed to look at it. Anyway, I flopped (yes, flopped is the technical quilting term for that maneuver) the quilt onto the cutting board for just ONE tiny moment, and... Yes. You guessed it. Tessie.

*Just TRY to make me move and see what happens.* Well, finally she did move. I then tried to move the quilt away from the table. Nope. It seemed to be caught on the bottom. So I looked under the raised flap of the cutting table. Yep. You guessed it again. Maxie.

This photo only worked because of the flash. It was actually pitch dark under the table, but this is what I found lodged in the quilt when I flashed the camera under the table. Finally, Maxie gave up and wandered in search of a dark place that would actually stay dark. So I reached for my strips to sew them together. Yep again. Callie.

Callie had built a nest with my cut strips. At that point I gave up. I had no idea where Sinbad was, but I was sure whatever he was up to would have stopped from sewing, so I decided not to take a chance. I went to bed. Sigh.

Just another pretty rose I've been enjoying in my garden.

'Til later, good luck in your own sewing room!

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